#UsapangCurvy Episode 5: Elections 2013

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According to Rappler, 54.27% of the transmission had been completed as of today, 04:25pm. View the LIVE Rappler results here: http://rplr.co/senate2013. Check out who’s leading in the senatorial race below.

54.27% of transmission completed as of May 14, 4:25 PM.

54.27% of transmission completed as of May 14, 4:25 PM.

As soon as the initial results came out, so did the influx of reactions on Twitter. In fact, the hashtag #IpasokSiDick made it to the trending topics in the Philippines and worldwide alike. So did news anchor Jessica Soho and senatoriable Nancy Binay, among others. Again, what Pinoys are talking about gets being talked about outside of the country!



Are you having election hangover? Were you able to find your precint? Did you volunteer as a poll watcher or campaign manager? Are you happy, relieved or disgusted with the results? Tell us all about it TOMORROW, May 15th, 5-7 PM. Voters or non-voters alike, you are free to join this gabfest!

So don’t forget…..

  • Get shamelessly tweetalkative in response to our questions. We welcome everyone!
  • Make sure to provide your answer number (e.g. A1, A2, A3) similar to the question number provided to avoid confusion
  • Lastly, include the hashtag #UsapangCurvy so we could easily read your responses.

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