What To Wear : Swimwear Edition


Picture this.

It’s summer and you ‘re way too excited for a flight to the most coveted sun-kissed paradise on earth. But three days before leaving, you found out that your trusted swimwear doesn’t fit anymore. Worst, it is starting to wear off. Whatcha gonna do?

If you are like me, I’ll definitely race my way towards the nearest mall and scorch every nook to find something lovely to wear. But what style will it be? And if you are on the heavy-side,  chances are so slim to find that elusive “perfect chemistry”. To answer all this, we have rounded up 4 looks that are so easy pull for girls with curves.

Exhibit A (Left) : Pink Bra and Ruffle Bikini Bottom to a curvie that has joyous flare for anything candy-colored, flaunting a bra as a bikini top is cool, hippy and shall we say ever resourceful. Channeling the inner Ms. Minaj sweetness in you with lovely ruffles in your ohlala will surely make your day at the beach most vibrant.

Exhibit B (Right) : One-piece Asymmetrical Black + Snakeskin goes to a curvie who exactly knows how to be fierce. With hot noticeable patterns like this, it adds more spice and flavor to a perfectly sexy black ensemble. Definitely a head turner!

Exhibit C (Left) : A Bandeau is best friends with a curvie who’s fun and carefree. My oh my just look at that piece, I bet it will only take you a minute or so to put it on. But if you can hardly wait, wear this on your way to the airport with a nice long skirt. It will look so chic! And the minute you land, strip the skirt off and viola – ready to plunge!

Exhibit D (Right) : Printed Tankinis for an adventurous yet girly-curvie who wants more prints and colors that a typical swimwear could ever handle.  It is in one of those no-matter-what-I-wear moments that she’d find happiness while soaking and frolicking in pristine shores.

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Author: Hi I'm Mitch!

A proud full-figured Filipina, a database administrator by profession, traveler, fashion lover, foodie and a blogger of her own right. Connect with me via Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @feastfulife

5 thoughts on “What To Wear : Swimwear Edition

  1. Boom! what can I say? very nice summer wear for curvylicious hotties. Sana may mga tips din panlalake na curvy like me, lol! My top picks are the tweo black swim wear! yun na!

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