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#UsapangCurvy Episode 3 : Superheroes


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This Mayo-UNO, let us start our evening talking about superheroes! Big, clever, quick, invisible or mighty strong – each of us idolized and wished to be just like them.  Tonight 5-7PM on Twitter, is a chance for you to rekindle your childhood fascination and unleash the comic book geekness in you.

So don’t forget…..

  • Get shamelessly tweetalkative in response to our questions. We welcome anyone!
  • Make sure to provide your answer number (e.g. A1, A2, A3) similar to the question number provided to avoid confusion
  • Lastly, include the hashtag #UsapangCurvy so we could easily read your responses.

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#UsapangCurvy Episode 2 : Food Porn

In case you missed the first ever #UsapangCurvy Episode, you still have the chance to join and participate tonight at 5PM! We’ll be talking about the tastiest, juiciest and most lingering food ever cooked on earth.


So don’t forget…..

  • Get shamelessly tweetalkative in response to our questions
  • Make sure to provide your answer number (e.g. A1, A2, A3) similar to the question number provided to avoid confusion
  • Lastly, include the hashtag #UsapangCurvy so we could easily read your responses.
Here's a sample

Here’s a sample

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The instant we hear the term ‘glam life’ our minds start to roll. One may think of a woman having an opulent and luxurious life jet setting from one country to another, attending events that the masses would die to be invited to. Another scenario would be the “IT Girls” of the Metro filling their social pages with all the expensive clothes and gifts that they have been receiving. For short, it’s all about the exclusivity and the price tag attached to this kind of lifestyle.


But a new way of having the ‘glam life’ is emerging. Vulgarity of spending is now considered passe and downright cheap. There is now a new definition of living the ‘glam life’. Now? It’s all about the exuding of subtle wealth, class and poise of a person. An example of which, is Erzullie Icon and Plus Size Model, Loren Monares. 


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What To Wear : Swimwear Edition

Picture this.

It’s summer and you ‘re way too excited for a flight to the most coveted sun-kissed paradise on earth. But three days before leaving, you found out that your trusted swimwear doesn’t fit anymore. Worst, it is starting to wear off. Whatcha gonna do?

If you are like me, I’ll definitely race my way towards the nearest mall and scorch every nook to find something lovely to wear. But what style will it be? And if you are on the heavy-side,  chances are so slim to find that elusive “perfect chemistry”. To answer all this, we have rounded up 4 looks that are so easy pull for girls with curves.

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Run The World

Hey fab Pinay Curvies!

I know it’s Wednesday and each of us is now back to our own businesses.  I just want to leave one of my favorite videos from an inspiring woman, so to all hardworking, fierce, passionate alpha female plusies out there – don’t be afraid to shine!

Video Credits : You Tube

I’m repping for the girls that’s Taking over the world, Help me raise a glass for the college grads.Forty-one roll and to let you know what time it is, cheque! You can’t hold me! I work my nine to five, better cut my check! This goes out to all the women Getting it in you on your grind.