What to Wear: Valentines Edition


Are you plussie that is still looking for a worthy wearable outfit to impress a husband / boyfriend / or simply a date this coming heart’s day? With a day left to prepare, we have rounded up 4 looks that you may want to try on.

1. The Slacker

Fits with: Laid-back Guys

Retro shades, flats and cute spag straps rompers in dainty prints is your fashion statement. The trick here is to look casual, carefree and comfortable yet gorgeously fun for him without taking much effort and far from being sloppy. Geek chic or weekend warior is the new you.

2. The Modern Day Morticia

Fits with : Corporate Guys 

Take it from Morticia Adams the mother of  black monotones, a figure of class and grace with her raven hair and red lips. Black is forever a staple date dress color but to whisk from the usual little black dress trend try to find it in lace prints. So whether the dress is above or below the knees paired with 3-tier of pearl necklace, mala-Imelda puff hair and a killer stilleto you are on your way being a smouldering hot woman to a corporate savvy guy.

3. The Gypsy

Fits with : Certified Traveler / Nomadic Guys

Let your outfit take him to places he has or has not been to. May it be a scarf turned to a turban to depict head pieces from african-indian nations, harem bottoms for middle-eastern vibes or simply a knitted knee length cardigan for a girl always on the go.

4. The Color Addict

Fits with : Creative Guys 

The way to a highly creative heart is nonetheless through colors! Dish off that black /neutral tones wardrobe and let tasteful palettes of a colorwheel be part of your style. The key here is going far more than the primary colors, so get him heavenly mesmerized by splashing eyecandy hues in floral prints.  Remember it’s all about the 3 B’s – Brighter, Bolder Better.


Author: Hi I'm Mitch!

A proud full-figured Filipina, a database administrator by profession, traveler, fashion lover, foodie and a blogger of her own right. Connect with me via Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @feastfulife

5 thoughts on “What to Wear: Valentines Edition

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