Swap Meet and Greet 2013


Almost 12 midnight and as we do our countdown let’s not forget to start the year right by pinning those fabulous resolutions for 2013. Definitely, we at Pinay Curvies is doing our share for this year by hosting our very first event (you heard it right!) and we want you, our lovely reader to be a part of it too. So without further ado, we invite you to our

Give to Gain

The idea is so simple:  just bring at least 3 old / new of your kikay stuffs that you want to giveaway, head to Pan de Amerikano-Katipunan branch on 01.20.2013 at 11:30 am, and greet the community of lovely plus-size ladies that are very much giving away their kikay stuffs too. Sounds fun righttt?

But wait here’s the most exciting part, because we at Pinay Curvies had momentous blessings from previous years we decided to give back by making this event TOTTALY FREE for ladies who would want to join. All you have to do

  1. Like Pinay Curvies in Facebook
  2. Follow @PinayCurvies on Twitter
  3. Link back via your own blog / twitter about the the stuffs you want to swap or Email us (PinayCurvies@gmail.com) a photo of what’s in your baul.

That’s it, no brainer! So be our exclusive 10 plus-size ladies to swap meet and greet with us.

Pinay Curvies girls can’t wait to meet you! Happy 2013!

Author: Hi I'm Mitch!

A proud full-figured Filipina, a database administrator by profession, traveler, fashion lover, foodie and a blogger of her own right. Connect with me via Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @feastfulife

9 thoughts on “Swap Meet and Greet 2013

  1. Best wishes on your event.

  2. Reblogged this on Feastful Life and commented:

    My New Year resolution for this year navigate changes on financial matters and more of personal happiness. And one way start the year right is by having an event like Swap Meet and Greet 2013. Not only you’d save-up on being a fierce Fashionista but also gain a broader community of plus size women that would love you more for who you are. Isn’t it worth going for? 🙂

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