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It was sometime in November 2009 when I dreamt of putting up an interactive forum for Pinay plus size women. I imagined there’d be a wide range of topics and forum threads for them to participate in, monthly features of amazing curvies and, when it gets big and popular, offer articles, quizzes and other stuff. I was bursting with optimism and creative energies.

So I asked my friend for guidance as she’s running an IT company. In our email exchanges, it became apparent that I can’t afford my desired platform yet and neither can I do it by myself. So I came to the realization that I’ll take the long cut: start small and gather kindred spirits along the way. And so my self- and body acceptance blog Extra Seksi! was born. Remember this entry?

In less than two years, I’ve crossed paths with Mitch of Feastful Life and I found the courage to tell her my dreams. Thankfully, Mitch shares my vision to unite the Pinay curvies for continuous support group and other things we may not yet aspire for.

Kindred Spirits: Lornadahl of Extra Seksi! and Mitch of Feastful Life

Kindred Spirits: Lornadahl of Extra Seksi! and Mitch of Feastful Life

After several weeks of exchanging pings via BBM, we agreed to finally put up this virtual niche to invite fellow Pinays in this winding road to self-acceptance to get together and have fun. I imagine DVD marathons of Ugly Young Ae or Drop Dead Diva, book diss/cussions of Fat Sex and other fat-related books, photo exhibits of real Pinay curvies and our very own Full-Figured Fatshion Week.

If you resonate with my lofty dreams, please join us and spread the word. Here’s to Pinay Curvies!


Author: Lornadahl

Blogger / Social Media Content Curator / Aspiring Social Entrepreur / Body Acceptance Warrior

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