Swap Meet and Greet 2013

Almost 12 midnight and as we do our countdown let’s not forget to start the year right by pinning those fabulous resolutions for 2013. Definitely, we at Pinay Curvies is doing our share for this year by hosting our very first event (you heard it right!) and we want you, our lovely reader to be a part of it too. So without further ado, we invite you to our

Give to Gain

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Reading this post made Mitch and I reflect on our objectives as individual bloggers and our dreams for Pinay Curvies. Lifestylista in 2012, Empowerista this 2013! We’re praying to connect and establish relationships with YOU! ❤

Digital Sisterhood Network (DSN)

The Digital Sisterhood Network is proud to announce the 2012 Digital Sisters of the Year. They represent the “Digital Sisterhood 100,” fierce living women who rock the web and world!. To learn more about them, check out the “Digital Sisterhood 100” list below. It is organized into seven categories: Creativista, Empirista, Empowerista, Enchantista, Evangelista, Flowista, and Lifestylista.

  • A Creativista is a woman who gives birth to creativity (art, books, films, products, services, and webisodes).
  • An Empirista is a woman who thinks of herself as CEO of her own corporation, ME, Inc.; maintains an entrepreneurial mindset; and gives birth to ideas and transforms them into businesses, economies, institutions, networks, and organizations that add value to people’s lives.
  • An Empowerista is a woman who creates and curates content, shares information and experiences, connects with others and establishes positive relationships, and builds and participates in communities that empower her and others.
  • An Enchantista is a woman…

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This is exactly what we’re talking about! Let’s gather around, Pinay fatties!

Dances With Fat

This morning we had a three hour rehearsal for More Cabaret. We rehearsed, of course, but we also chatted about various things going on in our lives, size acceptance etc.  I went from that to an action meeting of the Size Diversity Task Force.  We had dinner, hung out, and then discussed our committees and the work that we are doing and want to do.  Then I met with my friend Jeanette about some new stuff the Fit Fatties Forum is going to be offering in January.

After a very full day of size acceptance community of various kinds, it occurred to me how important these “In Real Life” interactions are to me.  I read a lot of blogs and spending a lot of time talking about these things on the internet but SA community in real life is a precious thing to me. Even with the Size Diversity…

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It was sometime in November 2009 when I dreamt of putting up an interactive forum for Pinay plus size women. I imagined there’d be a wide range of topics and forum threads for them to participate in, monthly features of amazing curvies and, when it gets big and popular, offer articles, quizzes and other stuff. I was bursting with optimism and creative energies.

So I asked my friend for guidance as she’s running an IT company. In our email exchanges, it became apparent that I can’t afford my desired platform yet and neither can I do it by myself. So I came to the realization that I’ll take the long cut: start small and gather kindred spirits along the way. And so my self- and body acceptance blog Extra Seksi! was born. Remember this entry?

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